May 6 • 25M

Christchurch Culinary Confidential: Our food adventures on the South Island

In this episode: The boys and I find the best places to eat -- and drink

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Greetings from Christchurch, New Zealand. This week was all about the food. We did a whirlwind tour yesterday of our favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurants — and lived to tell the tale.

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Here’s this week’s question: What’s your favorite meal when you’ve been on the road? Please leave your comment. We’ll talk about your feedback in next week’s podcast, as we always do.

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We discovered a little place called Veg N' Friends that does Chilean vegan food. The burritos were made with spicy lentils and they made their own hot sauces. Mmmm.

A joint called Grater Goods made some of the best burgers we’ve had since leaving the States — and that’s saying a lot! It was impossible to get a good photo of the food because, as you can see, Iden immediately ate it.

If you’re into chocolate, the best desserts are to be found at the Portershed Specialty Cafe. This chocolate and caramel cake can’t be described in words. It must be experienced.

Now, I realize that the New Zealand tourism officials are probably not too happy that we continue to report on our adventures from the South Island. (After all, keeping people away from here is their job.)

But we absolutely love New Zealand, and they can’t make us shut up.

Don’t forget this week’s question: What’s your favorite meal while you were traveling? We’ll read your answers next week.

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