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Urban Hiking Confidential: Where to walk in London

Urban Hiking Confidential: Where to walk in London

In this episode: Our favorite walks in the U.K. — plus, donuts! Recorded 8/11/2022 in London

Put on your walking shoes! In this week’s podcast, we’ll tell you where to hike when you’re in London.

The boys and I will also take a detour to our favorite donut place — and we’ll sample a mystery pastry in the studio.

Before I get to the photos, here’s this week’s question: What’s your favorite walk in all your travels? Whether you’re hiking the red rocks of Sedona or meandering the concrete jungles of Manhattan, we’d love to know.

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Here are a few highlights from this week’s episode:

Iden and Aren cross Tower Bridge on our last day in London. This was our daily walk through town.

Mmm, these are the donuts we sampled in this episode from Doughnut Time. That Cookies and Cream one is my favorite.

I love these tabloid headlines. Sure, it was hot — but everyone did not die.

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Don’t forget this week's question

What’s your number-one walk in all your travels? Please share your all-time favorite hike.