Oct 15, 2022 • 20M

Troodos Confidential: A dispatch from the mountains of Cyprus

In this episode: The lowdown on Paphos, Troodos and Nicosia -- plus your comments. Recorded 10/14 in Nicosia, Cyprus

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Χαίρετε from the mountains of Cyprus! It feels like late spring here, which is probably why everyone wants to be on this island. We’ll tell you what it’s like.

We’ll also give you all the information you need to decide if Cyprus is worth visiting. And we’ll also take a little detour and eat delicious, fresh-baked tahinopitas.

But before we get to the photos, here’s this week’s question: What is your favorite warm-weather destination when the weather turns cold? Do you like Florida or are you more of a West Coast person? Or do you do the whole southern hemisphere thing?

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Here we are at the Fournas Galatas bakery in the mountains of Troodos. The recipe is deceptively simple — flour, water, yeast, tahini, sugar and cinnamon. But it takes years of practice to get it right. These guys are masters of creating the perfect cinnamon roll. Eat your heart out, Cinnabon.

The ancient village of Kakopetria, Cyprus. Most of these places are Airbnb rentals. But they sure look beautiful from the outside.

Paphos Castle. I could write a whole book about this fascinating destination. More about the southern part of Cyprus in this week’s podcast.

Don’t forget this week’s question: What is your favorite warm-weather destination when the weather turns cold? We can’t wait to read your comments in our next podcast.

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