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We (Art and Marianne Ellis) loved your podcast. We visited South Africa in 2005 and had a wonderful trip. But two months, is there enough to occupy you for two months?

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Feb 19, 2022Liked by Christopher Elliott

Interesting podcast. It was entertaining and does make me think I do want to go to South Africa once I get the chance to head to Africa.

A suggestion: the three of you have similar voices, so it would help the listener if you say the name of the person you ask the question to (e.g., "Iden, what did you think of..." instead of "what did you think of..."). I know that is a hard habit to get in to, but it helps--at least helps listeners like me.

Also, that painting, "Eating People Isn't Always Wrong" may have a sinister background, if I am remembering correctly. I believe it was in South Africa over that last several years, groups of Blacks would find White farmers and kill them. Yes, I think it was because many farms took over land without fair compensation, but murder is wrong--especially if the victims are several generations away from the farms starting. If what I am thinking happened in another African country, please ignore this and accept my apology.

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