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Nicosia Confidential: Happy independence day from Cyprus!

Nicosia Confidential: Happy independence day from Cyprus!

In this episode: A full report from the Cypriot capital, plus Greek food, St. Helen cats, and more. Recorded 10/1/22 in Nicosia, Cyprus

It’s independence day in Nicosia, Cyprus — and it’s a hot one! It’s 98 degrees and sunny today.

What happened to fall? (I have the answer in my latest Forbes column.)

This week, we’re exploring the Cypriot capital, including the Cyprus Museum, the parks and the old town. We’ll have a full report.

Cyprus is a divided capital. The Greeks on one side, the Turks on another — and a heavily guarded border and UN buffer zone in between.

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Have you ever visited a divided city?

That brings us to our question of the week: Tell us your story of visiting a divided city. Maybe it was divided by an interstate highway (like our adopted hometown of Spokane). Maybe it’s a river, like Minneapolis. Or maybe you still remember Berlin before the wall came down. (I kinda do.) Please push the red button to leave a comment. As always, we’ll read your comments in our next podcast.

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Here are a few photos from this week’s adventures:

The St. Helen cats are everywhere in Nicosia. They are very friendly, especially if you bring offerings of cat food.

If you walk too far into the old town of Nicosia, this is what you see. A gate leading to the UN Buffer Zone that separates the Turkish and Greek parts of the capital.

This is the border crossing. It takes about five minutes to get through and they don’t stamp your passport. Nicosia continues with more shops and restaurants. It’s just all in Turkish.

We’ll have more to report next week from Cyprus. Don’t forget to tune in next Saturday afternoon.

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