Aug 26 • 21M

Japan Confidential: Sailing along Japan's southern coast

In this episode: Recapping the Golden Triangle, Bangkok and coastal Japan (Recorded 8/26/23 in Osaka, Japan)

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Greetings from Takamatsu, Japan!

We have a lot of ground to cover in this week’s episode. The boys and I traveled from Chiang Mai to the Golden Triangle, then back to Bangkok and finally to Osaka, Japan.

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You probably saw this question coming: Have you ever woken up in a hotel bed and asked yourself, “Where am I?” I did it several times this week. Please leave a comment and we’ll read it — and respond — in our next podcast!

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I’m doing the photos in reverse chronological order. Our first stop on our expedition cruise was the small port city of Tamano, Japan. We spent most of the day sleeping and exploring the city, which had two excellent grocery stores that sold mochi and Japanese energy drinks. (I think that’s all the boys lived off for the last 24 hours.)

Himeji Castle near Kobe, Japan, on a perfect August day. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and they’ve done a remarkable job of preserving this historically important building.

The Thai dance show at the Mandarin Oriental’s Sala Rim Naam restaurant. This was one of the highlights of our final visit to Bangkok.

Aren hangs out with a friend at the Anantara Golden Triangle. It was a little rainy up at the Myanmar-Laos border, but not enough to stop me from writing a story about visiting Southeast Asia during the rainy season.

Don’t forget this week’s question: Have you ever woken up in a hotel bed and asked yourself, “Where am I?” (We’re looking for the Rated G answers on this one.)

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