Oct 29, 2022 • 24M

Israel Confidential: An odyssey in the Holy Land

In this episode: We hit eight countries in three days. No wonder we sound so exhausted! Recorded 10/29 in Basel, Switzerland

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Christopher Elliott
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Iden Elliott
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Grüezi from Basel, Switzerland.

This week we visited eight countries. We can’t seem to find the “off” button in our lives. No wonder we’re so exhausted!

Have you ever been to a destination that has changed your life forever? I felt that way after seeing Jerusalem. Visitors from every Abrahamic religion converged on this small walled city, bending the nature of reality for me.

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Iden bikes through Limassol, Cyprus. Limassol is the business center of Cyprus but also a really cool beach resort with Roman ruins. It’s worth a day trip if you're in Cyprus.

These are Benny’s famous Gazos in Tel Aviv. We’re grateful to our friend Adeena for introducing us to this genius mixologist.

Our friend Gura was nice enough to show us around Jerusalem. I’m still processing what I saw and heard. It will take several podcasts to fully explain how it changed my perspective.

Don’t forget this week’s question: Have you ever been to a destination that has changed your life forever? We can’t wait to read your comments in our next podcast.

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