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Bali Confidential: Our island adventure

In this episode: A dispatch from the Island of the Gods, and a surprise guest (recorded 6/17/23 in Canggu, Indonesia)

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Well, hello Bali! Our next destination is the Island of the Gods, and we have a lot to report today.

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Here’s this week’s question: We’ve experienced a real climate (and culture) shock, coming from Auckland, New Zealand, to Canggu, Indonesia. Tell us about your most jarring destination switch.

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It’s become a summer ritual to welcome Uncle Dustin into our home. This summer, he's joining us in Bali.

That's Uncle D enjoying the infinity pool at a resort called Soulshine. It's owned by a musician named Michael Franti and his wife, Sara.

All of the rooms have record players. Iden tried to get the record player to work. (Hint from someone who grew up listening to vinyl: You have to turn the speakers on first.)

We rented a little place in Canggu, which is right on the beach. This place is popular with Australian backpackers and wealthy Russians trying to escape the war. Our place even has a pool, which the guys are constantly trying to push each other into.

Iden and Dustin have been having fun at the grocery store, which has a remarkable selection of Ramen instant noodles. 

Bali is a sensory overload. Once you leave the safety of your resort, it's a developing country with no sidewalks, burning trash, stray dogs, scams and very badly behaved tourists.

But if you can find a way to navigate around all of that, it's also a beautiful place. Indonesians are very friendly and accepting of outsiders and I have never seen anything like Bali, with its gently rolling hills, ancient rice paddies, temples and beaches. This is going to be an adventure.

Don’t forget this week’s question: Tell us about your most jarring destination switch. We love getting your comments.

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