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Antarctica Confidential: Our adventures on the White Continent
Antarctica Confidential: Our adventures on the White Continent
In this podcast: What to expect in the Land of Penguins, plus your worst destinations of 2022

Greetings from Antarctica!

This week’s Elliott Confidential podcast is coming to you from Neko Harbour, an inlet on the Antarctic Peninsula's west coast. We’re on the Hurtigruten MS Fridtjof Nansen, and we are so excited to be exploring one of the most remote places on the planet.

Before we get to the photos, here’s this week’s question. In our last podcast, we talked about our favorite destinations of 2022. But today, we want to hear about your least favorite. Please name names in the comments — and don’t forget to tell us why you didn’t like the destination.

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OK, let’s get to those Antarctica pictures I promised:

Expedition cruising means you get off the ship often and explore. A fleet of zodiacs shuttled passengers from ship to shore. The boys were always ready for adventure.

I know I’m going to get into trouble for posting this picture, given my recent injury, but I had to get back out there even if I couldn’t ski yet. The hiking poles helped me hobble to the top of my first Antarctic mountain. I’ll be skiing soon enough.

This is our ship. You can see the expedition launch on the starboard side. The Fridtjof Nansen is a hybrid-powered ice-class expedition vessel. I’m about to get a tour of the engine room and bridge and will post photos on my Facebook page.

I’ll have more on expedition cruising in a future story, and I’ll share even more photos with you soon.

Don’t forget our question this week: Tell us your worst destination of 2022!

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