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2022 Confidential: Here are our favorite places of the year

2022 Confidential: Here are our favorite places of the year

Rewinding our number-one destinations of the last 12 months — plus, paella! (Recorded 12/24/22 in Barcelona, Spain)

What’s your favorite destination of 2022?

In today’s Elliott Confidential podcast, we’ll reveal our top picks. The boys and I will talk about the most fascinating places of the year — and we’ll tell you why we loved them.

How about you? Please share your favorite destination in 2022. What did you like about it? Who should consider visiting, and when? The comments are open.

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Here are a few photos from this week’s adventures.

The boys learned how to make authentic Paella with TravelLocal’s Chef Rosa. The secret ingredient (besides lots of olive oil) is patience!

Mmmm, here’s the finished product.

It’s so delicious.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without Spanish Christmas cookies. These polvorónes are made with sugar, almonds, flour and coconut oil. (The Spanish recipe calls for lard or butter, which was a little too much for us.)

I hope you are keeping warm wherever you are and planning your 2023 trips.

Next week, we’ll talk about our least favorite destinations of the year. I’m sure we’ll get ourselves into a lot of trouble for that …

Please don’t forget to answer this week’s question about your favorite places in 2022. We’re ready for you in the comments.

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