Feb 11 • 19M

Western Australia Confidential: A dispatch from Down Under

In this episode: Giant mice, kangaroos and a quirky town called Fremantle. Recorded 2/11 in Perth, Australia

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Hello again from Perth, Australia.

It’s been three weeks since our last podcast. (Blame jetlag and a cold that would not go away, which on second thought, was probably COVID.)

Before we get to it, here’s this week’s question: Tell us your favorite climate change story. And by “climate change,” I mean traveling from one extreme to another — summer to winter or dry to wet. We just did that from Antarctica to Australia, and I think I’m still trying to adjust. We’ll read your comments in our next podcast.

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Here are a few photos from the last three weeks:

Behold, the quokka! It’s a cat-size marsupial found on Rottnest Island that looks like cute mouse. It’s also very friendly.

The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park. These rocks are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’ll have more about them in tomorrow’s column.

Here’s Iden with our guide, Michael, in Fremantle, a quirky port town that you should not miss when you come to Western Australia.

Don’t forget this week’s question: Tell us your favorite climate change story. I’d love to hear your tales of climate shock.

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