Apr 2, 2022 • 16M

We overstayed our welcome. Here's what happened next.

What happens when you go somewhere for too long? Recorded in Cape Town 4/1/22

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Christopher Elliott
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We stayed in Cape Town, South Africa, for two months. That’s way too long. In our latest podcast, we talk about what we did just before we left.

Let’s just say things got … interesting.

Also, we’ll tell you where we’re headed next (hint: it’s not Africa).

And we’ll review some of the favorite places we’ve been stuck in, like Sedona.

Aren Elliott takes a snapshot of the red rocks in Sedona, Ariz., in December 2021.

Have you ever overstayed your welcome on a trip? Or selected the wrong destination? I think I might write a story about this soon, so please leave a comment and tell me your story.