Aug 12 • 13M

Vietnam Confidential: Our adventures in Hoi An

In this episode: Iden's little visa problem and a surprising discovery in Indochina (Recorded 8/11/23 in Chiang Mai, Thailand)

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Christopher Elliott
Aren Elliott
Iden Elliott
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Xin chào from Da Nang, Vietnam!

I never thought we would make it to this corner of the world! I feel so lucky to be here and to be able to share it with the boys.

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(This is a special double episode of the Elliott Confidential podcast. Last week’s episode from Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia, didn’t transmit because of technical problems. Here’s a link to the show.)

Before I forget, here’s this week’s question: Has a paperwork problem ever prevented you from traveling? I’d love to hear your visa and passport horror stories. (We have one, too!) The comments are open.

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Here’s the Anantara Hoi An Resort, where we stayed. It’s a great hotel right on the Thu Bon River.

Tea time in Hoi An. Aren tried the sampler. His favorite was Jasmine.

Plenty of Chinese temples in Hoi An. Pro tip: If you go in the early morning, you’ll have these temples to yourself. Later in the day, as the other tourists get up, the temples tend to get crowded.

Sunset on the river is the main event. The boats float up and down the river with multi-colored lanterns. People come outside because it’s cooler.

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries we’ve ever visited, and the people are very friendly. We can’t wait to go back.

Don’t forget this week’s question: Has a paperwork problem ever prevented you from traveling? We can’t wait to see your comments.

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