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Uruguay Confidential: Where to escape the cold

Uruguay Confidential: Where to escape the cold

In this episode: We dish on the best Southern Hemisphere destination to get away from sub-zero temperatures. And we tell you how we survived a Chilean volcano. (Recorded 1/20/24 in Montevideo)

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Holiiii from Montevideo! We survived our adventure on the Chilean volcano, crossed the Andes, and now, here we are.

This week, we’re talking about Southern Hemisphere hotspots where you can escape the cold. We’ll give you our advice on the best places in today’s podcast.

But before we go there, here’s our question of the week. This part of Latin America is famous for its political turmoil, so we want to know: What’s the most unstable place you’ve ever visited?

Speaking of instability, here’s a look at Villarrica volcano the morning we left Pucon, Chile. Yep, that’s lava up there. The volcano could erupt at any time. We’ll have more on our adventures of climbing the volcano in the podcast. You can also read my feature on indigenous tourism in Forbes.

Here’s the volcano by day. That’s Aren with our guide. The ascent takes about six hours. We weren’t allowed to go to the top because the volcano was too volatile.

Crossing the Andes on our way to Uruguay yesterday. Ski season is only a few months away!

Montevideo has one of the coolest-looking airports in the Americas. But before Aren calls his ride, he needed to get that eSIM card working.

Please don’t forget this week’s question: What’s the most unstable place you’ve ever visited? The comments are open.

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