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Tokyo Confidential: Getting lost in the big city

Tokyo Confidential: Getting lost in the big city

In this episode: Finding our way around Tokyo's underground and final thoughts on our Lindblad coastal cruise (recorded 9/8 in Tokyo)

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Hello from Tokyo!

It’s a miracle we made it back to our hotel after wandering around the Tokyo subway yesterday. But there’s still time to get lost in the city’s concrete labyrinth. (Hey, it’s an adventure.)

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Here’s the view from the Palace Hotel in Tokyo yesterday as a typhoon grazed the city. Aren and I went underground while the storm soaked the city. We found multiple levels of shops and tunnels leading to various subway lines and rail stations. And, of course, we got lost.

Some of the best restaurants are behind the turnstiles of the Tokyo subway, so you have to buy a train ticket to access them. I’m sure this makes perfect sense to the Japanese, so I won’t argue with it. (Was it worth it? You bet. The ramen was outstanding.)

We took our first bullet train ride this week. Here’s Iden at Kanazawa station just before we left for Tokyo. The legendary Shinkansen was everything we expected — fast, comfortable, and so cool. We’ll have more on the bullet train soon.

One more note about the food: If you want a quick, healthy snack, try the sweet potatoes. They’re delicious and reasonably priced. In Japan, they are our new go-to when we can’t find a restaurant with plant-based dishes.

We’ll be in Tokyo for a while, so stay tuned for more of our adventures …

Don’t forget this week’s question: Tell us your favorite story about getting lost on vacation. We’ll read your comments in our next podcast.

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