Nov 12, 2022 • 20M

Switzerland Confidential: Our adventures in Basel and beyond

In this podcast: Art, city tours and the famous "Herbstmesse" plus a wrap-up of our visit to Israel

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Hallo from Switzerland!🇨🇭

This week we toured the western part of the country, including Basel and Zürich. We’ll tell you more about Basel in this podcast and we’ll get to Zürich in the next one.

What’s your most expensive vacation? Since we’re in Switzerland, we want to know about your most expensive travel experience. Have you ever returned from a destination will less money in your account than expected? Tell us where you went — and how much it cost you.

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Aren rides a bike through the Lange Erlen near Basel, Switzerland. We haven’t had much experience with e-bikes, which give you a little boost on the hills, but these bikes we rented at the train station really picked up some speed.

Modern art in Basel: This is the famous spray-painted Bentley parked next to the Trois Rois hotel in Basel. Would you do this to your Bentley?

The Rathaus (City Hall) in Basel is made of red stone and has a distinctly Italian influence. If you’re taking a walking tour of Basel, it’s a must-see stop.

Don’t forget this week’s question: What’s your most expensive vacation? We can’t wait to read your comments in our next podcast.

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