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Split Confidential: What we discovered under the city
Split Confidential: What we discovered under the city
In this episode: A tour of the basement of Diocletian's palace and the HBO show that made Croatia famous. Recorded 9/2/2022

This week in Split, Croatia, we went underground to discover the basement of Diocletian's palace. It’s one of the most well-preserved Roman-era basements outside of Italy, and it was made famous by the HBO series Game of Thrones.

The fall travel season is here, as I noted in my Forbes story this morning, so here’s our question: Tell us about your favorite fall trip.

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OK, here are a few photos from this week’s adventures:

Our tour guide, Vjeran Mlačić, with Aren in the basement of the palace. Diocletian was the Roman emperor from 284 to 305.

Aren descends from the top of the Saint Domnius Bell Tower in Split.

The upstairs ruins of Diocletian's palace with the bell tower in the background.

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