Apr 23 • 14M

Quake City Confidential: How we made it through our first earthquake in Christchurch

In this episode: Our second week in New Zealand and already a natural disaster (sort of). Here's what's shakin' on South Island.

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Greetings again from Christchurch, New Zealand. This week we survived our first New Zealand earthquake. They don’t call this place Quake City for nothing!

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Kiwis are some of the friendliest people on Earth. Which brings us to this week’s question: What’s the friendliest place you’ve ever visited?

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It’s autumn in Christchurch, which means cooler weather and rain. But the rain is often a fine mist instead of a steady downpour. The leaves are spectacular. On Sunday evening, we went to an Eid festival in the park, and the leaves were so bright that they seemed to be illuminating the lawn. It was spectacular.

Iden is having some trouble getting used to the new time zone. So he wakes up after noon and goes foraging for food at the Riverside Market. Here he is, waiting impatiently for his curry. Aren is trying to talk some sense into him. You can probably guess how that went. ;-)

Another highlight of the week: We checked out the Air Force Museum of New Zealand. We visited on a rainy weekday afternoon and almost had the place to ourselves. That's plenty of time in the flight simulator for Aren.

Come hang out with the boys and me for a few minutes while we tell you more about New Zealand. And don’t forget this week’s question: What’s the friendliest place you’ve ever visited? We’ll read your answers next week.

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