Apr 1 • 20M

Melbourne Confidential: A dispatch from Australia's weird weather destination

In this episode: Strange climate and lots of culture from our adventures Down Under

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Hello from Melbourne, Australia. It’s early fall here, and the Grand Prix is in town. We’ll give you a quick tour.

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First, this week’s question: Have you ever visited a destination with weird weather? I’m talking about four seasons in a day, like Tasmania — or South Dakota. Please share your story of climate craziness.

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The weather in Melbourne is cool and windy this time of year, but it can rain or get hot and sunny within just a few minutes. The only other place we’ve seen anything like this is when we rented a place in Rapid City a few years ago.

The Alexandar McQueen exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria. (I just love that expression. )

The food scene in Melbourne is terrific. This pita place is right around the corner from our apartment. We haven’t had falafels like this since our trip to Jerusalem.

Oh, and here’s the kitesurfer jumping over an island. I want to do this!

Please don’t forget our question of the week: Have you ever visited a destination with weird weather? We’ll read your responses on the air next week.

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