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Istanbul confidential: Everything you need to know about Turkey

Istanbul confidential: Everything you need to know about Turkey

In this episode: Flying chefs at Turkish Airlines, the food scene in Istanbul, what to see in Turkey, plus reader comments. Recorded 4/15/22 in Istanbul

We’re coming to you this week from Istanbul, Turkey. After a whirlwind tour of this ancient city, we have a lot to talk about, from Turkish food to the places worth visiting. The boys and I also read — and respond to — your comments from last week.

Iden and Aren Elliott interview a flying chef from Turkish Airlines at Istanbul airport.

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OK, we had a long discussion about Turkish Delights this week. Each of us has a favorite variety. I think every hotel prides itself in serving the very finest Turkish Delights. The word for it in Turkish is Lokum. We learned that Lokum is derived from the Arabic word luqmat, which means morsel.

Tasty morsels, indeed.

The boys enjoy Lokum (Turkish Delights) at the Çırağan Palace Kempinski.

We were fascinated by the mosques and other historical buildings in Istanbul this week. The city is layer upon layer of ancient civilizations. We were almost afraid to ask questions, because the answers were always complicated, if not also controversial. But we’ve never shied away from controversy.

Aren and Iden in Istanbul last week.

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We promised at least one more cat picture. Here you go!

The resident cat at Sea Song Tours, a luxury tour operator in Istanbul.

By the way, we loved your comments from last week. If you have something to say about airline food, Turkish Delights, museums that get turned into mosques, or cats — or anything else — we are all ears.

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