Aug 27, 2022 • 20M

Croatia Confidential: A city with a Split personality

In this episode: The two sides of Split and how we learned Croatia isn't cashless. Recorded 8/27/2022

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We’re in Split, Croatia, this week — and as we discovered, this city really does have a split personality. There’s the ancient inner city with Roman ruins, medieval churches and a bustling port. And there are the suburbs with the communist-era apartment buildings that look like something from a dystopian science fiction movie.

In this week’s podcast, we’ll visit both places.

Speaking of split, here’s this week’s question: Have you ever visited a city that offered both a positive and negative experience? I’d love to hear about visiting a place with a split personality.

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Here are a few photos from this week’s adventures:

Aren gets a picture of Central Square in Split. The old city has many narrow streets and squares — all worth a photo.

These streets are so narrow that no car can get through. It’s pedestrians only.

There’s an excellent view of old Split from Teraca Vidilica, a restaurant on the top of the hill. The Adriatic is a particular shade of blue that we’ve never seen before. Must make it to the beach one of these days.

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Don’t forget this week's question

Have you ever visited a city that offered both a positive and negative experience? The comments are open. As always, we’ll read them on our next podcast.

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