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Christchurch Confidential: An unauthorized podcast from New Zealand

In this episode: They didn't want us to talk about this place. We're sorry to disappoint them.

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Christopher Elliott
Aren Elliott
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Kia ora from Christchurch, New Zealand. The tourism authorities don’t want us to talk about New Zealand, but when has that ever stopped us?

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Here’s this week’s question: Have you ever been to a “forbidden” destination? For us, New Zealand was “off limits,” as I’ll explain in this podcast.

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We have a small rental near Hagley Park in Christchurch. The park’s crown jewel is a botanical garden with plants and flowers we’ve never seen because they are native to here. What a treat.

The Avon River cuts through the park. On a Saturday morning, people are kayaking along the river. These kids were trying to push each other into the water. Remarkable thing about the Avon is that it’s crystal clear. You can see the bottom through the falling leaves floating on the surface.

The museums in town are free, so we checked out the Christchurch Art Gallery. Don't stare at those dots for too long, Aren!

We’re looking forward to exploring New Zealand more on our totally unsanctioned and unauthorized visit.  

Please don’t forget our question of the week: Have you ever been to a “forbidden” destination? We’ll read your responses on the air next week.

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