Jul 8, 2022 • 16M

Chocolate Confidential: A confection adventure in Paris

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Christopher Elliott
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What makes French chocolate so irresistible?

Today on the Elliott Confidential Podcast, we'll visit three famous Paris chocolate shops to find out.

But before we start our adventure, we want you to share your comments.

Tell us your chocolate story. From Ritual Chocolate in Park City to Mirzam Chocolates in Dubai, where have you gotten you best chocolate bar in your travels?

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Here are a few photos from this week's adventures:

This is Jacque Genin's chocolate shop, where we picked up a bar of Madagascar 71 percent. Mmmm, that was good!

Here’s Patrick Roger’s artsy chocolate boutique. You can look at the chocolate in the glass counters, but ne touchez pas.

That's a work of art (and it tastes divine, too).

We'll discover what makes French chocolate so amazing without getting political. (Well, we’ll try.) And we'll eat way too much sugar in the podcast. We’re doing it for journalism. My hands are still shaking as I type these words. Please tune in now.

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Don’t forget this week's question

Where have you gotten you best chocolate bar in your travels? We'd love to hear your story. We'll read your comments in our next episode.

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