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Barcelona Confidential: Our adventures in Spain
Barcelona Confidential: Our adventures in Spain
In this episode: A whirlwind tour of the Swiss Alps, Madrid and Barcelona — and a terrible accident (Recorded 12/16/22 in Barcelona)

Ola from Barcelona!

It’s been three weeks since our last podcast. We’ll explain the reason for the delay and I’ll tell you about the ski accident that nearly ended our trip.

Tell me about your worst accident while traveling. While we’re on the subject of mishaps, I’d love to know about your worst travel accident. What happened to you? Did insurance cover you? (Were you even insured?)

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Here are some photos from this week’s episode.

Aren checks out the Christmas market at the Sagrada Família this morning. We were not the only Americans here.

Our train trip from Madrid to Barcelona was fun (for me) because I didn’t have to carry any luggage. The boys helped.

Yeah, that’s me hobbling around Madrid on a broken pelvis. I moved very slowly.

Don’t forget this week’s question: What’s the worst accident you’ve had while traveling? And did your insurance cover it?

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