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Bangkok Confidential: Everything you need to know about Thai malls and dentists

In this episode: The boys and I explore the other side of the Thai capital, featuring vertical mega-malls and dentists that don't hesitate (Recorded 7/28/23 in Bangkok)

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Christopher Elliott
Aren Elliott
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Sà-wàt dee khráp from the other side of Bangkok. We’ve moved into an urban jungle of vertical mega-malls and medical offices, and we have much to report.

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Here’s this week’s question: We have only one week left in Bangkok. Where should we go? We’d love to get your suggestions.

It’s just Aren and me on the podcast this week. Iden is visiting a friend in Vietnam. (Don’t worry, we will debrief him in next week’s podcast.)

By the way, here’s my full report on Bangkok’s luxury hotel. You asked for it!

So let’s talk about those vertical malls …

From the outside, Bangkok’s malls look almost small — at least compared with our sprawling Western shopping centers.

But inside …

… these shopping centers are enormous. Each one caters to a different ethnic group. This one, the emQuartier, has a lot of Japanese customers.

Thai architects seem to love indoor atriums, but I don’t recommend riding the escalator if you get vertigo. It’s seriously scary. (I rode the elevator back down.) This mall is called Terminal 21, and it has an airport theme. Each floor is named for a different city.

Bottom line: If you love shopping, add Bangkok to your bucket list. Check out the podcast for more on Bangkok shopping and to hear about our experience visiting a Thai dentist.

Please don’t forget this week’s question: Where should we go in Bangkok next week? We love getting your comments.

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